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Play Exclusive Online Claw Machine in the United States

What’s more fun than playing the exclusive online claw machine in United States? It allows you to enjoy the thrill of playing claw machines and win real prizes. And not just the usual plush toys you can win from claw machines, but also a lot of exclusive, rare collectibles that you can’t purchase elsewhere.

How to Play Exclusive Online Claw Machine in United States

Playing the game is as easy as it gets. You start by selecting the prize you want to win. There are over 2,000 prize items. With that many options to choose from, you may want to take your time. 

Next, play the online claw machine win real prizes. There are various games such as Bridge Style, Off a Cliff, Treasure Hunt, Ping-Pong Ball, and Bounded Machine, just to name a few. Each game offers a different challenge so you won’t get bored.

If you win the game, select either DHL or EMS to ship your prize. International shipping is available to over 60 countries. So, no worries. Just wait until your prize arrives at your door in the United States.

What Rare Items Can I Win?

You can win a wide range of items. From cute plush toys, awesome toys, and limited-edition merchandise to electronics and food.

Here are some examples:

  • Pokemon Friends 9cm Plush – Axew/Piplup/Eevee/Squirtle
  • Donald Duck Preciality SP Plush 85 Years Version
  • Dragon Ball Z Grandista Resolution of Soldiers –Son Gohan (Super Saiyan)
  • One Piece DXF The Grandline Men Wanokuni Volume 2 – Roronoa Zoro
  • Kimetsu no Yaiba Figure Volume 3 – Kamado Nezuko
  • USB Charging 350ml Can Size Mini Cool Box
  • Nissin RAOH Cup Noodles: Hot Chilli/Soy Sauce

$1 per Game

What makes playing online claw machine win real prizes even more fun is it costs only $1 to play a game. This is a fraction of the real price of the items you can win. This is especially true for rare, exclusive merchandises.

Or Play for Free

You can play for free too. The game gives players premium tickets from time to time. Using these tickets, players can play games for free. There is also unlimited free play. Players can play any claw machines as many times as they want. They don’t get to claim the prize if they win the game, though.

The exclusive online claw machine in United States takes the thrill of playing claw machines to the next level. Not only can you play exciting and challenging games anytime and anywhere you want, but also win a rare item for as low as $1.






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