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Online Claw Machine for Collectors of Pokémon and One Piece

Do you love collecting something unique and special? There’s an online claw machine for collectors you should get and install on your mobile devices. The online crane game allows you to win unique and exclusive merchandise from Japan. What merchandise you will get from the online crane game?

All prizes you can win from this online crane game are exclusive prizes from Japan. Since Japan is home to anime and manga, many collectibles from the Japanese online crane game are inspired by anime and manga. Check out some cool prizes you can get simply by winning the online crane game.

Prizes from The Online Claw Machine for Collectors

Which Japanese anime series you like the most? Japan has so many anime series that will entertain you at all times. Now, you can get figurines inspired by those anime series by playing the online crane game. No matter which anime you love the most, the game will give you cool collectibles.

  • One Piece collectibles

Many people around the world enjoy One Piece and want to collect figurines inspired by this anime. If you also follow the journey of the Straw Hat Pirate, then you’ll love playing the online claw machine site. This online crane game offers many figurines, including figurines of One Piece female characters.

At least nine different figurines inspired by nine female characters of One Piece are available. The price of each figurine is USD50 but you can win each figurine simply by paying USD1 for each game. After winning the nine figurines of One Piece female characters, win other One Piece figurines.

  • Pokémon collectibles

Cute pocket monsters from Japan are another anime loved by so many people around the world. You can also visit the online claw machine site and get the online crane game to start winning Pokémon collectibles. A bunch of exclusive and limited-edition prizes inspired by Pokémon are available.

As a Pokémon lover, you’ll want to collect all Pokémon merchandise from the game. There are 9cm plush toys of Axew, Piplup, Eevee, and Squirtle. Also, you can choose to win Pokémon face pouches. Six different face pouches with different faces are available to choose from.






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