Mickey Mouse Specialized Online Claw Machine Collectible Stuff

The online claw machine game is designed for everyone. Those who love Mickey Mouse need to get this outstanding game and then get Mickey Mouse specialized online claw machine collectible merchandise. A bunch of Mickey Mouse merchandise wants you to adopt them all.

The name of this online claw machine game is Clawtopia. It has thousands of prizes for all players in Japan and many other countries on this earth. If you’re one of Mickey Mouse collectors, then the game will give you unique Mickey Mouse merchandise to perfect your collection.

Specialized Online Claw Machine Collectible for Mickey Lovers

This online claw machine game wants every Mickey Mouse lover to try the game and enjoy winning various merchandise. Below is some cool and unique Mickey Mouse stuff you can get simply by playing the online claw machine game at home without visiting any public place near your location.

  • Mickey Mouse bubble wand

This blue wand has a Mickey Mouse head that can blow bubbles. It is a very unique prize you can get from an online claw machine game. This Mickey Mouse wand is an original prize that will be shipped from Japan to your location. The wand’s original price is USD20 but you only have to spend USD1.

Spend USD1 to play Clawtopia. When you win the game, the game developer is going to ship the cute Mickey Mouse wand to your home.

  • Mickey Mouse face cushions

This online claw machine game also has two face cushions for all Mickey Mouse lovers who can win the game. Each face cushion is 45cm wide and 60cm tall. One of those face cushions has Mickey Mouse face and another one has the face of Minnie Mouse.

Minnie Mouse’s face cushion has pink blushes on its cheeks and a red bow between its ears. After winning one of those cushions, you should keep playing Clawtopia to win another face cushion.

  • Mickey Mouse bath towel

Another reason to keep playing the online claw machine game is this Mickey Mouse bath towel. This prize comes in two different colors: blue and red. The length of this bath towel is 110cm and its width is 55cm. Each bath towel has Mickey Mouse characters and names.






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